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You can roll a roast or tie up a turkey with almost any kind of knot,
but the "Butchers knot" can save you time.

It goes fast once you get the hang of it!

Try our exclusive line of FAB injection marinades...


  • ...improves taste

  • ...improves texture

  • ...retains juices

  • FAB makes it better!


1. Holding the end of the string in your right hand, run the string under the roast.

2. Bring the string down across the top of roast and transfer the bottom string to your right hand.

3. Holding both strings in your right hand, reach under the bottom string and grasp the top string between your thumb and first two fingers.


4. Bring the top string down and under the bottom string, at the same time twist your left hand around to form a loop in the string.

5. Put the end of the string through the loop, forming a slip knot.

6. Clinch the knot up tight.

7. Then to hold the knot in place, form another loop around the thumb and forefinger of your left hand, grasp the end of the string and pull it through.

    knot9.jpg (7080 bytes)


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