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Henry Bacarisse

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Most Recent Post: Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 2:05 p.m.

Attended the then "Atlanta Division" of the University of Georgia, and the then Abilene Christian "College" (now University). Married (54 years, so far), 3 children (1 daughter), 5 grand children (2 grand daughters and 3 grandsons), and so far 1 great-grand daughter and now, 2 great-grandsons. Now FOUR great-grand children, and that is Really GREAT! The most recent is a 6 week old boy; named Israel, "Izzy" for short.

You can visit my website for additional information "about me".
Henry Bacarisse - "Comments from a Pilgrim in the QUE"
For "Some" really Good Deals, visit: http://mydatastor.com/
For "Some" of my thoughts, visit: http://mydatastor.blogspot.com/
If you need some inspiration, you might look here:
http://maplewood-church-of-christ.org/ - http://gbntv.org/

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