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Smoking meat - PLEASE email me

Posted By: Daniel
Date: Saturday, September 16, 2000 at 10:36 a.m.

Please email me at crows_32@yahoo.com.au

I have barbeque that is about the same size & shape as a fish smoker. It has a lower metal rack, and an upper metal rack. I am actually trying to use it as a meat smoker, but I end up cooking the meat more than smoking it. I was hoping you might be able to offer me some advice with the following (with regards to smoking meat) :

For a given weight of meat/fish, is there some sort of formula for working out what WEIGHT OF DRY WOOD you add, to burn down to coals, before you add the pre-soaked wood (to generate smoke) ?

Since there is more heat at the top, can I put the coals in some sort of tray, on the TOP rack, with the meat sitting underneath on the lower tray ? I am hoping that the meat would be more smoked than cooked this way.

After the wood has been soaked in water, what types of liquor can you soak the wood in to generate flavour ? eg. Red wine, White wine, Bourbon/Rye whiskey (I despise Scotch whisky), etc. Any other things you can add to the wood ? Different liquor for different meat ?

Can you smoke (not cook) bought sausages ?

Please email me as soon as possible at crows_32@yahoo.com.au


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