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Fresh Kosher Style Beef Sausage

Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Friday, March 2, 2001 at 7:13 p.m.


Ingredients Lb-Oz
Beef plates 33- 0
Beef flanks 33-0
Beef navels 33-0
Salt 1- 12
Ice, chopped 3- 0
Corn sugar 1- 4
Seasonings (selected from below)

Seasoning Formulas:
Optional seasoning formulas are given for use of dry soluble spices which help hold the fresh pink color of the sausage, natural spices which should be purified and sterilized and which will give a grayish color to the finished product, and a hot, strongly-flavored southern-style seasoning mixture.

Dry Soluble Spice Formula.
Oleoresin capsicum, 4 cc; oleoresin ginger, 1.5 cc; Oil of nutmeg, 1.5 cc; oil of thyme, 1.5 cc; oil of Dalmatian sage, 2 cc. Mix thoroughly with the corn sugar and salt before using.

Natural Spice Formula.
Ground white pepper, 3 oz; ground nutmeg, 0.75 oz; ground ginger, 1 oz; ground thyme, 1 oz; rubbed sage, 2 oz.

Southern-Style Formula.
Ground red pepper, 2 oz; cracked red pepper, 1 oz; ground ginger, 1 oz; ground thyme, 1 oz; rubbed sage, 3 oz; Spanish paprika, 2 oz.

Meat Selection:
Use only beef of choice or prime grade which has bright color, white fat, and tender texture. Meat should be free of blood clots, sinews, and gristle. Fat content of the finished sausage should not be over 50%.

Grinding and Mixing:
Have meat thoroughly chilled to 32-34F at start of procedure and be certain mixing and grinding equipment are thoroughly clean and free of any trace of sodium nitrite which will react with the meat and turn it gray. Also, prechill mixer and grinder with chopped ice.

Premix dry ingredients (salt, corn sugar, seasonings). Grind meat items through the 1 1/2.inch plate of the grinder; then transfer to mechanical mixer; add dry ingredients and ice; mix just long enough to evenly distribute all ingredients (approximately 1 min.) Dry Ice may be added to the mixture to keep meat temperature down to as near 32F as possible. Transfer sausage ingredients from mixer to grinder and regrind through the 1/8 in. plate.

Stuff immediately into hog or sheep casings and link. Or, stuff into 1-lb size artificial casings.
Hang sausages on trees and immediately transfer to chill room (under 32 F) to dry casings and chill sausages. Never package sausages before meat is thoroughly chilled and casings are dry; use a fan
to help dry casings, if necessary. Then transfer to 0F storage until shipped and should be kept
refrigerated until sold.

SOURCE: Stephan L. Komarik, 4810 Ronda, Coral Gables, Florida.

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