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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Friday, March 23, 2001 at 10:02 a.m.

Pork sausage is probably more universally made than any other kind of sausage

Pork alone may be used for this sausage, although frequently a limited amount of beef is added to keep it from becoming too fat. The proportion of pork and beef used depends to a large extent, upon the amount of lean in the pork that is being used and whether beef is available, as well as the demands of the consumer.

In general, a combination of four parts of pork and one part of beef makes a desirable mixture for pork sausage. When plenty of lean pork is at hand, the beef can he eliminated entirely. The amount and kind of seasoning used also depends upon the personal taste of the consumer.

The following proportion of meat and seasoning has been found very acceptable:

Eighty to ninety pounds of pork and ten to twenty pounds of beef.

For each one hundred pounds of meat,
allow one pound of common dairy salt,
six ounces of pepper, and
six to ten ounces of sage.
A little water may be added when necessary to aid in mixing the meat thoroughly.

The meat used should be clean, fresh pork, including trimmings and scraps from the cheaper cuts. the meat should first be run through the coarse plate of the sausage grinder. It is then spread out and the seasonings are sprinkled over the ground mass. The seasonings may be mixed into the meat by hand or by the grinder when reground. The second grinding should be through the fine plate.

Pork sausage is used either loose, so as to be made into cakes or patties and fried, or it may he forced into casings and double linked.

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