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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 at 5:49 p.m.

Use any of these meat combinations:
------------------------Lb--------Lb-------- Lb
Lean beef trimmings-----150-------150--------100
Pork hearts, trimmed----125-------000--------000
Beef hearts, trimmed----125-------000--------100
Pork trimmings 50/50----000-------125--------125
Beef tripe, treated-----000-------100--------000
Pork stomachs-----------000-------000--------175
Beef cheeks, trimmed----000-------125--------000

with these ingredients, using purified and sterilized
5-----0---Corn syrup solids
0-----12.5-Sodium nitrate
0-----4.33-Sodium erythorbate
1-----4----Ground black pepper
0-----4----Ground coriander
0-----4----Ground ginger
0-----4----Ground mustard
0-----1----Garlic powder (optional)

Processing Procedure
Premix salt, cures, and other dry ingredients.
Have all meats well chilled (32-34 F.) before use.
Grind through the 3/16 -in. plate of the grinder the following meats: beef trimmings, pork and beef hearts, beef cheeks, tripe, and stomachs.
Grind through the 1-in, plate the following: pork trimmings and backfat.

Mix and Cure.—Put ground meats in mechanical mixer. Start machine and add salt-cure mixture; mix only until all ingredients are uniformly distributed. Tightly pack in truck (avoid air pockets) and hold at 36°-38°F for 2 days for curing.

Regrind and Stuff.—Regrind meat mixture through the 1/8 -in. plate of the grinder; transfer to vacuum mixer and mix under 25 in. vacuum approximately 2 minutes.
Tightly pack stuffer (avoid air pockets). Use beef middles or cellulose casings of same diameter. Stuff casings as tightly as possible and prick natural casings with needle pad to let entrapped air escape.

Ripening (Green Room).—Hang sausages on smoke trees properly spaced and rinse under cold water; let drain before transferring sausages to green room. Hold in green room at 45°F for 24 hr.

Smoking.—Bring sausages to room temperature before putting them in the smokehouse. Temperature and smoking schedule is dependent upon type of sausage desired.

For Semisoft Sausage.—Preheat smokehouse to 120°F with dampers wide open and hold until casings are dry. Close dampers to 1/4 open, introduce light smoke, raise temperature to 140°F and smoke for 4 hr. Then gradually raise temperature to 165° F and hold until an internal meat temperature of 152° F is obtained.
Remove sausages from smokehouse and hold under cold water shower until internal meat temperature is reduced to 110°F. Let casings dry at mom temperature; then transfer to a holding cooler (45 F) for final chilling.

For Firmer Sausage.—After removing sausages from green room, hold at room temperature to warm to room temperature. Transfer sausages to smokehouse at 75°F and with dampers wide open hold for 24 hr at this temperature. Then rapidly raise temperature to 120° F, introduce light smoke, and hold for another 24 hr. Then raise temperature to 160° F and hold until an internal meat temperature of 142° F is reached.

Remove sausages from smokehouse and hold at room temperature until internal meat temperature is reduced to room temperature. Then dip sausages momentarily in simmering water to tighten casings. Hold in cooler (45°F) for final chilling.

Shelf-life of product will be improved if held under refrigeration through storage and marketing.

Stephan L. Komarik
4810 Ronda
Coral Gables, Florida

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