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Pastrami info'

Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 7:14 a.m.

Use navel ends of beef plates or briskets. Select good or a better grade.
Remove deckel fat.

Curing Pickle.
Use injection method to pump plates or briskets, allowing 10% of the green
weight of each meat piece. Garlic juice may be added to the pickle if
desired to give this flavor to the pastrami.

After meats are injected with pickle, pack them tightly in tierces or vats
with a laced hardwood cover and press meat down with cover. Add sufficient
pickle of the same formula and strength used for pumping to cover meat. Cure
4 to 5 days in cellar at a temperature of 3840F.

Remove meat pieces from cure and drain. Then rub generously with cracked
black pepper or a combination of cracked black pepper and whole coriander.
(Some processors prefer using coarsely chopped pickling spices.) A light
sprinkling of Spanish paprika over the top will give the finished product an
attractive appearance. Hang rubbed pieces on bacon combs on smoke trees
properly spaced so they are not touching one another.

Smoking and Cooking.
Pastramis of high quality can be produced when temperature is high, cooking
time short, and smoke is light. Preheat smokehouse temperature to 140F.
Transfer pastramis to smokehouse and with dampers wide pen, hold at this
temperature until meat surface dry. Then adjust dampers to 1/4 open,
introduce Light smoke and smoke at 140 F for 1 hour. Shut off smoke, close
dampers, and raise temperature to the highest temperature setting and cook
pastramis until an internal meat temperature of 165 F is reached.

Chill and Package.
Remove pastramis from smokehouse and allow to hang at room temperature until
internal meat temperature is reduced to .110120F. Then transfer to chill
room at 36- 38F for final chilling. At this temperature the pastramis can
be sliced efficiently and packaged in Mylar or polyethylene bags and closed
under vacuum. Or, large pieces can be packaged in Cryovac bags and sealed
under vacuum.
Product should be held under refrigeration through storage and marketing


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