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Hope this helps...

Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Friday, March 8, 2002 at 7:21 p.m.

In Response To: A question for Joe about starter culture... (DaveS)


It's not easy to make a sausage with that lactic tang. I my experience making that type of sausage at home, never comes out the same way twice. ;-)

02% is minimum for meat.
Or about 5 grams per 10 pounds of meat. (1 oz = 28.35 grams)

Below is some pointers from some of the guys who have been consistantly successful.

Hope this helps


Len Poli has a site with excellent info’ for making fermented sausages at home.


Here’s a few tips posted by Larry A, Willrath

“I was a professional sausage maker for 30 yrs...this is the procedure I used
to produce fermented sausage sticks.

1. Keep the meat as cold as you can when you work it to keep the particle
definition intact
2. Add your spices and mix well..be careful not to developed a very good
bind. It is not desirable to have good bind as you would with regular
smoked sausages
3. As soon as you can see no salt or powdered spices carefully add the
bacteria culture...Always use distilled water to mix with the culture.
Don't take chances on tap water...Iron or Chlorine can inhibit the growth.
Also I had my water temp no higher than 38 when I added the culture.
4. As soon as the grinding and mixing is done stuff into casings and hold at
a temp of 100 degrees. I had a sophisticated smoke house so I could control
the temp and humidity. Hold them in a humid atmosphere you can duplicate a
humid atmosphere by placing a plastic bag over the sausages. I would allow
at least 12 hrs for fermentation.
5. Place in the smoker and cook until an internal temp of at least 154 is
reached..commercially we cooked to 165 but with a high speed house...You
want a finished product pH of less than 5.0 and a shrink of at least 30

I hope this helps with your request..Feel free to contact me if you need
any help”

Larry A, Willrath

Western Cooking and Catering
"Never, Never Trust a Skinny Cook"

More trouble shooting stuff..

Fermented Meats Troubleshooting Guide
Problem Cause:
• Slow fermentation Frozen culture allowed to thaw and subsequently held too long before dispensing into meat.
• Microorganisms exhaust nutrients, reduce pH and lower culture “activity”
• Environmental temperatures/humidities during fermentation inconsistent with recommended culture optimum
• Secondary growth in meat of contaminant microorganism producing end-product buffers and pH drop
• Cheese in product may contain phosphate that buffers pH drop; also has tendency to absorb moisture from surrounding meat
• Sausage entering smokehouse colder than normal, i.e using frozen meat
• Spice formulation adjustment either decreases acid stimulation or inhibits culture
• Excessive salt or cure addition
• Culture comes into direct contact with curing components
• High fat formulation reduces moisture content
• Large diameter product causes slower heat transfer
• Rapid moisture loss in product
• Higher protein level in lean meat formulation buffers pH reading
• Fast fermentation Temperature/humidity higher than normal
• Spice formulation adjustment favoring culture
• Excessive water addition
• Product delayed prior to entering smokehouse, results in higher initial temperature and more time
• Leaner product, i.e. more moisture
• Pork-containing product
• Smaller diameter product processed at high humidity
• Initial meat pH lower than normal
• Inconsistent fermentation Inadequate culture distribution, results in “hot” and “cold” spots in meat mixture
• Inadequate distribution of salt, cure, spices and dextrose
• “Lay down” procedure causes some batter to dry out
• Diverse initial product temperatures
• “Laid down” product and directly processed product in same smokehouse; culture acclimation in “laid down” product results in faster fermentation
• Products may have different spice formulations, meat components and casing diameters
• Uneven temperature/humidity in fermentation chamber
• Uneven humidity in drying room cause different drying rates
• Too low pH Failure to monitor fermentation
• Excessive carbohydrate source
Insufficient heat/dry processing retard fermentation
• No fermentation Culture not added
• Culture inactivated by direct contact with salt, cure components or heavily chlorinated diluent water
• Non-compliance with recommended culture handling temperatures after thawing
• Insufficient carbohydrate added to sausage mixture
• Excessive salt content
• Antibacterial agents added to meat mixture i.e. preservatives, chemical boiler treatments via steam or antibiotics in meat
• Souring of product, Insufficient heat treatment to destroy microorganisms; excess residual carbohydrates permit secondary fermentation post-processing
• Excessive moisture and residual carbohydrates in non-cooked product
• Insufficient drying
• Temperature abuse post-packaging
• Off-flavor Microbial contaminant either growing during fermentation or post-packaging
• Use of spoiled raw materials
• Poor sanitation post-processing
• Chemical contaminant
• Cross-contamination
• Slimy, gassy product Yeast or heterolactic contamination in package post-processing
• Excessive moisture content
• Inadequate smoke concentration at product surface, i.e. semi-dry products
• Green or gray coloration Insufficient cure level or heat
• Oxidation of meat pigments via microbial contaminant, metal contaminants
• Exposure to sunlight
• High pH
• “Greasing out” Excessive heating rate
• Excessive fermentation temperature
• Unstable meat mix and low-binding meats

Or click here, for Len Poli's site.


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