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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 3:17 p.m.


Lb - oz - gm ---------- Ingredients
145 - 0 - 0 ---------- Lean beef (yield after cooking approx 87 lb)
30 - 0 - 0------------Beef stock from cooked beef
2 - 0 - 0------------Salt
2 - 0 - 0------------Cane sugar
0 - 7/8 - 0------------Sodium ascorbate
4 - 0 - 0------------Granular gelatin (250-bloom)
5 - 0 - 0------------Tomato paste
0 - 8 - 0------------Cider vinegar (45-grain)
0 - 2 - 0------------Worcestershire sauce
0 - 1 - 0------------Ground red pepper
0 - 1 - 0------------Onion powder
0 - 1/16- 0------------Garlic powder
0 - 0 - 4------------Ground cloves
0 - 0 - 2------------Ground mace
0 - 0 - 4------------Ground cinnamon
0 - 0 - 4------------Ground Jamaica ginger
0 - 0 - 3 1/2--------Ground celery seed


Trim fat, sinews, and connective tissues from beef and cut into 1/4 -lb
chunks. Transfer to a steam-jacketed kettle and add just enough water to
cover meat. Slowly bring up temperature to 212F and cook at this
temperature until meat is very tender. Remove meat from kettle and grind
through the 1-1 1/2 -in. plate of the grinder directly into a meat truck.
Skim foam and fat off of beef stock and cook (concentrate) to 30 lb and
allow to cool to 160F.
Mix together the salt, dry seasonings, sugar, sodium erythorbate, and
granular gelatin. When stock has cooled to 160F, slowly sift in the
salt-seasonings-gelatin mixture with steady agitation. Then add tomato
paste, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce and mix until added ingredients are
thoroughly incorporated with beef stock. if this step is done carefully, the
gelatin will not lump.
Pour gelatin-stock mixture evenly over the ground meat in the meat truck and
mix thoroughly with a meat shovel or wooden paddle. Let product cool just
enough to make stuffing easy.

Stuff, Chill, and Package -

Stuff material into Cellophane casings which loosely fit the molds. Before
placing stuffed casings into molds, wash with a vinegar solution to remove
any gelatin on outside of casings so that the loaves can be removed from
molds easily
Place stuffed casings in molds, cover, press down lid and fasten springs.
Transfer molds to chill room (40_45 F) for overnight. Next day, remove
loaves from molds
Product may be sold in the casings in bulk or sliced and vacuum packaged for
retail sale.
Product is perishable and should always be kept under refrigeration
throughout storage and marketing channels.

SOURCE: Stephan L. Komarik, 4810 Ronda, Coral Gables, Florida.


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