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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 3:53 p.m.

A delight to the palate and a treat that you can now enjoy. Canadian Style
Bacon is one of the highest quality and most delicious pork cuts that you
can cure. It is made by curing the loins, then tightly wrapping them.

Few people who do not raise their own meat and do their own curing can
afford to eat this tasty delicacy.
Canadian Style Bacon is not only delicious, but it keeps well and once you
try it you will always want a supply of these sweet, juicy cured loins along
with your hams, shoulders, and regular bacon.
You can use either the Dry Cure or the Sweet Pickle Cure with Morton
Tender-Quick. The Sweet Pickle Cure is generally preferred.
Trim loins from bacon sides. Then trim as shown on opposite page and cut
them in half in order to get them in a small crock for the Pickle Cure, or a
medium size box for the Dry Cure.

Pack the loins in a stone crock, standing them on end if the crock is not
wide enough to lay them down. Make a curing pickle by mixing at the rate of
2 lbs. Tender-Quick per gallon of water. The water should first be boiled
and allowed to cool. Stir the pickle until all of the Tender-Quick
dissolves, then pour the Tender-Quick curing pickle over the loins until
they are Fully covered, and weight them down with a clean stone or other
weight to keep them below the pickle.
Overhaul the loins and change the position of the pieces after they have
been in cure about 5 days. Loins from average size hogs should remain in
cure for about 2 weeks. When cured, remove the loins from the pickle, soak
in tepid water for about 30 minutes and wash. Then let the loins
dry thoroughly. After they are dry, rub liberally with a mixture of cornmeal
and black or red pepper, and wrap each loin separately in muslin or other
clean cloth. The cloth should be a few inches longer than the loin. Make a
tight roll and gather the cloth at one end and tie tightly with a string.
Then make half hitch loops around the wrapped loin about every 1 1/2 to the
other end and tie, leaving enough string for hanging up the loins. Before
wrapping, the loins may be hung and given a light smoke, especially if loins
are to be kept for some time.

For the dry cure, use Tender-Quick at the rate of 6 lbs. Tender-Quick per
100 lbs. of loins. First rub the meat with 1/3 of the Tender-Quick, then in
2 or 3 hours rub on the second 1/3 and in 24 hours apply the balance. Pack
the loins closely while in cure and overhaul once when the curing time is
about half up, changing the position of the pieces.
Leave the pieces in cure for 10 days to two weeks. When taken from the cure,
wash the loins, let them dry thoroughly, and rub with cornmeal and pepper.
Wrap in muslin the same as for the sweet pickle cure.


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