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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Thursday, May 11, 2000 at 3:56 p.m.


Lb - Meat Ingredients
80 - Certified extra lean pork trimmings
20 - Certified belly trimmings

Cure and Purified Spice Ingredients
Lb Oz Pt
3---0---0 - Salt
2---0---0 - Corn syrup solids
3---0---0 - Spanish paprika (part of this could be the hot variety)
0---1---0 - Ground black pepper
0---10-0 - Ground fresh garlic
0---2--0 - Ground marjoram
0---1/4-0- Sodium nitrite
0---1---0 - Sodium nitrate
0---7/8-0- Sodium erythorbate
0---0---1 - Good quality red wine
5---0---0 - Ice water

Processing Procedure

Freeze pork and belly trimmings. Premix salt, cure, and other dry
ingredients. Chop or grind fresh garlic very fine.

Chopping and Mixing. - Use frozen meat cutter to cut pork and belly
trimmings into approximately 2 in. slices. Then put into high-speed chopper
using only 3 knives and filling bowl only 1/2 full. Run chopper until meat
particles are reduced to pieces of 1/2 or 3/4 in.

Transfer meat to mechanical mixer. Start machine and add salt-cure mixture
and chopped garlic. Mix only until ingredients are uniformly distributed.

Curing. - Tightly pack meat (avoid air pockets) in 6-in, deep pans. Hold in
cooler (36-38F) for 3 days to cure.

NOTE - Certified pork are those fresh pork meats certified by the USDA Meat
Inspection Division as being free of live trichinae. Only certified pork
trimmings should be used in processing this sausage since the processing
procedure does not conform otherwise to government regulations concerning
destruction of live trichinae.

Stuffing - Transfer meats from curing room to vacuum mixer. Start machine,
add ice water and wine and mix under 25 in. vacuum just long enough to make
mixture pliable for stuffing. Pack stuffing machine tightly to avoid air
pockets. Use medium hog casings or medium beef rounds. Link and tie into
12-in, long pairs or rings and hang on smoke sticks 4 in. apart.

Ripening (Green Room). - Maintain temperature at 75F with relative humidity
of 75-80%. Hold for 12 hr.

Smoking - Maintain smokehouse temperature at 70-75F with 65% RH and cold
smoke for 12-14 hours (as desired).

Drying - Maintain temperature at 50 -55 F with 70-72% RH. If the diameter of
the casings does not exceed 1 3/8 in. after stuffing, the drying period can
be reduced to 15 days. In no case, however, should the sausage be released
from the drying room in less than 20 days from the time curing materials are
added to the meat.

Shelf-life of product will be extended if held under refrigeration through
storage and marketing.

SOURCE: Stephan L. Komarik, 4810 Ronda, Coral Gables, Florida.


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