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Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Friday, May 12, 2000 at 7:23 p.m.

This is from an old commercial booklet. Still valid. ;-)


1.In fresh pork sausage, never add any cured or smoked productsó even a small amount will affect the natural bright appearance.

2.Donít use more than 50% fató40% will give a superior product. If necessary to use more fat, always add an Emulsifier.

3.Donít use the seedy part of the belly.

4.Donít use jowl meat from fat, heavy animals. Always use jowl meat sparingly.

5.Donít use large, fat sows, if boning whole sows for sausage.

6.Donít tolerate heat around pork sausage at any time in process. Chill the grinder, plates, pans, trucks, and any other utensils or tools coming in contact with the meat.

7.Donít use dull knives or grinder plates. They heat the meat, crushing it instead of cutting it, and raise the bacteria count.

8.Donít permit equipment or utensils to become dirty.

9.Donít mix too longóif mixing by hand, stop as soon as the appearance is uniform.

10.Donít guess, weigh all ingredients.

11.Donít hang link sausage in a direct air current, but do have some movement of air in the cooler after stuffing.

12.Donít store in a 45 F cooleróthis is too warm. The colder the better.

13.Avoid frozen trimmings if possible.

14.Donít let trimmings get old before using in sausage.

15.Donít use a coarse salt we recommend the highest quality flake.

16.Donít try and stuff too hard a sausage. Exert only enough pressure to fill all air pockets.

17.Only metal, preferably stainless steel, sticks should be used. It is too hard to keep wooden sticks clean.

18.Donít stack trimmings deeper than 6 inches.


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