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Re: bigwheel &jackitup

Posted By: bigwheel
Date: Thursday, January 1, 2004 at 10:03 a.m.

In Response To: bigwheel &jackitup (bonehead)

Hey Bonehead..nope the widder Basso aint kicked me off there yet..but the day is yet young and a lot of things could happen before dark:) I always lurking over here trying to get Joe to get me edumacated. Know old Jerry Fowler worked real had to come up with this recipe. Might be similar to whut your looking for. He has a bunch more recipes over there if you aint been over there to visit before.

Smoked Pepperoni Sticks: (courtesy Jerry Fowler(

Ingredients for 10 pounds:
I use lean pork butts or lean chuck roast, depending on whether I want pork or beef pepperoni
2 level teaspoons Prague Powder #1
4 Tablespoons salt
1/4 cup molasses/dark corn syrup/cane syrup... I prefer the cane syrup but's kinda hard to get in the NW.
1 heaping tablespoon ground hot pepper
3 Tablespoons ground mustard
1 teaspoon ground allspice
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon ground white pepper
6 teaspoons ground anise seed
1/4 cup of soy protein concentrate (or soy flour or powdered milk), I prefer the powdered milk.
~ 1 pint of water, ice cold
6 ounces of fermento or powdered buttermilk

Grind the meat with a 3/16 inch plate and place it and all ingredients into mixing tub, and mix well.
Stuff into casings. I use 20-22 cm collagen or sheep casings.
Place the sausages into a 125 degree smoker, with damper wide open and no smoke until casing is dry.
Close the damper to about 1/4 and raise temperature to 165 degrees, applying heavy smoke. when internal temperature reaches 145 degrees, remove and rinse with cold water until internal temperature is about 90 to 100 degrees.
Hand dry, cut to size and package. This keeps real well frozen (if it lasts long enough). I usually just put in the fridge and let the kids snack e a purty recipe for

Jerry Fowler


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