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Pick a pickled sausage :-)

Posted By: Joe Ames
Date: Friday, August 3, 2001 at 7:32 p.m.

In Response To: pickled sausage (steveo)


Here's a commercial formula and a recipe, I think it came from Kutas' book.
Just be very clean and very careful, keep refrigerated. "When in doubt throw it out". :-)



150 lbs regular pork trimmings 50/50
200 lbs pork cheeks, trimmed
75 lbs beef trimmings, lean
75 lbs beef cheeks, trimmed
500 Lbs.Total

12 lbs 8 oz salt
10 lbs corn syrup solids
1 1/4 oz sodium nitrite
4 1/3 oz sodium erythorbate
45 lbs ice, chopped

1 lb 4 oz black pepper
10 oz nutmeg
10 oz coriander
15 oz ginger
10 oz caraway seed, ground
10 oz garlic powder

Grind chilled beef trimmings and beef cheeks through the 1/8 inch plate of the grinder and grind pork items through the 3'8 inch plate. Transfer ground beef to the chopper, add salt (previously mixed with the seasonings, cure, sodium erythorbate, and corn syrup solids.) and ice; chop to a medium fine emulsion. Transfer beef emulsion and ground pork to a vacuum mixer, and under 27 inches
vacuum, mix for 3 minutes. Transfer mixture to the stuffer. For ring Polish sausage, stuff into "export" wide beef rounds. For link sausage, stuff into 32 - 35 mm hog casings and link to desired length.

After stuffing, hang sausages on properly spaced smokehouse trees and place in a preheated house at 110 - 115 F. with vents wide open to dry surface of the sausages.

This will take approximately 15 - 20 minutes for the links and 30 minutes for the beef round-encased sausages, then adjust vents partially open and introduce a heavy smudge.

Gradually raise the temperature of the house to 140 F. Hold this temperature until the proper cured color is obtained in the center of the sausages. Raise temperature to 165 - 170 F. and maintain this temperature until an internal meat temperature of 153 F. is obtained. (Check with current regulations.) Introduce live steam for 1 - 2 minutes.

After sausages are removed from the smokehouse, transfer immediately to the steam cooker and steam for 1 - 2 minutes.

After the cooking process, shower sausages with cold water until internal meat temperature is reduced to at least 110 F. Hold sausages at room temperature until casings are dry. Transfer trees to chill room (45 F.) and do not package sausages until an internal meat temperature of 50 F. or lower is reached.

Sausages should be kept refrigerated through storage and marketing.


All meat Polish sausages in links as prepared in the above formula
may be used in this unusual version of a popular European type
sausage product. Sausages must be thoroughly smoked and dried
before pickling. Also, be sure that sausages are not exposed too
long to a humid atmosphere during filling of the jars and that no
air pockets are left between the sausages after the jars are filled
with vinegar pickle.

Place thoroughly smoked and dried sausages in wood or stainless
steel containers and cover them with 35 grain vinegar, let stand
overnight. This first step is very important. Sausages will
release some water soluble materials during this immersion in
vinegar which otherwise would be released in the vinegar pickle in
the jars causing cloudiness and bottom sediment which would be
undesirable when the product is displayed for sale.

After overnight immersion in the vinegar, remove sausages and pack
them in jars of suitable size. Fill jars to capacity with the
following 45 grain vinegar pickle.

To each 100 gallons of 45 grain vinegar, add 10 pounds of salt, 5
oz. Ascorbic acid and 5 cc oil of tarragon (Optional)

Fill jars to capacity with the vinegar pickle and close. Hold
under refrigeration.


For pickling in vinegar, all meat sausage is the best.
The following sausage must be smoked, cooked and dried before pickling.
Meat should be pork butts 80% lean, 20% fat.

Ingredients for 10 pounds
1 pint Water
3 oz. Corn syrup solids
6 TBSP Salt
1 TBSP powdered Dextrose
1 tsp Marjoram, ground
2 level tsp Prague powder
2 Garlic cloves, large
1 TBSP Pepper, black, ground

Process as you would Polish sausage.
After sausage has been smoked, cooked and cooled down, it is placed into a large container and covered with white vinegar.
Let it stand all night to allow various solubles to be released. This step is quite important, if it is skipped the vinegar in the jars will become cloudy, and sediment will settle in the bottom of the jar.
The sausage is removed after overnight immersion and placed into jars. Jars are then filled to capacity with white vinegar, making sure there are no air pockets between sausages. You may add pickling spices to each jar for cosmetic purposes.
It is best to start this process with white vinegar. Finished product holds up very well under refrigeration.

Click here for the Chopped Ham formula.


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Pick a pickled sausage :-)
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