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Sausage Making
Meat Curing 
Starter Kit

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Sausage making starter kit - for the sausage maker

Everything you need to get started making 
Your own sausages and cured meats, except the meat.
You will get ...
Four great, specially formulated no-salt sausage mixes, 

Bratwurst, Breakfast, Italian, Polish 

Fresh or cured, YOU control the amount of salt or Morton's Tender Quick.
YOU determine the flavor strength, or add additional spices, etc.
Add any liquid of your choice--wine, fruit juice, or water.

Each unit will make over 10 pounds of succulent sausages.

and . . .


A package of "Home-Pack" salted hog casings, enough for 15 pounds of sausages ...



35 feet of 1 1/4 inch Collagen casings--enough to stuff 20 pounds


One 2 1/2 X 20 inch Mahogany Fibrous casing



Mortonís Tender QuickTwo pounds of Morton's Tender Quick curing salt


Hand-Stuffing Sausage FunnelA sturdy Polypropylene Hand Sausage Stuffing Funnel


Wait, there's more ...

An assortment of suggested recipes to serve with your sausages and free, courteous and professional help, via E-mail. 

You can do it!

Your sausages will be better than store bought,
and you will know that they're made from high quality meats.